• SAFS O-001: Research preparation and management
  • SAFS O-002: Advanced inter-transdisciplinary research and methods
  • SAFS O-003: Scientific writing
  • SAFS O-004: Scientific project management
  • SAFS O-005: Training for higher education
  • SAFS O-006: Doctoral seminar
  • SAFS E-001: Advanced study on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • SAFS E-002: Citizen science
  • SAFS E-003: Circular economy
  • SAFS E-004: Scientific English

Certificate Courses at University of Kassel

DITSL courses
  • SAFS C-001: Social ecology in livestock production systems
  • SAFS C-002: Local knowledge
  • SAFS C-003: Unconventional livestock and wildlife management, utilization and conservation
  • SAFS C-004: Quality management and certification of organic products
ICDD – courses, block seminars, and guest lectures
GradZ-Umwelt training courses

Soft-skill and career development

  • SAFS C-005: Enhancement of entrepreneurial skills of Ph.D. students – Comprehensive Training Course
  • SAFS C-006: Academia to Business Fair (A2B Fair)
  • SAFS C-007: Constructive soft-skills