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SAFS Virtual Joint Meeting via Videoconference

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15 July

SAFS Virtual Joint Meeting via Videoconference

The SAFS Summer School was actually planned mid of July in Georgia. Then everything turned out differently because of the pandemic. For this reason, all involved parties met for a virtual joint meeting on July 15th. The primary goal of the meeting was to determine the status quo of the research work as well as further planning. It also dealt with the effects of the pandemic to our program.

Prof. Vogtmann was invited as a representative of the SAFS Advisory Board. He, Prof. Ploeger, and Prof. Urushadze from the project management addressed the opening words to the participants. Afterward, each doctoral student gave a presentation showing the progress of the research and publication work. This was followed by comments and advice from the supervisors. The new project coordinator at the University of Kassel, Dr. Daniela Schwarz then presented the results of a survey. It focused on the effects of Corona, restrictions for PhD students, the resulting loss of time in the process of dissertation, and possible strategies to deal with it. It turned out that almost all doctoral students are affected by the pandemic but to different degrees. While some had difficulties in collecting their data as planned, others had no access to mobility or the university’s laboratory, which was closed for three months. Most students will most likely need more time to complete their doctoral thesis successfully. The project coordinator from the Agricultural University of Georgia, Nino Katcharava, then presented further planning for the second half of the year. The SAFS summer school planned this summer will have to be postponed to the coming year.

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