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Field trip (Germany)

30 Nov admin 0 Allgemein

From October 7th to 14th, 2021, doctoral students from the Agricultural University of Georgia visited Germany. In Berlin, they got to know the challenges of sustainable, ecological nutrition in a big city. The students received an introduction to the work of the Nutrition Council as a form of civic engagement and got to know the marketing of regional organic products inside a city via a farm shop at Domäne Dahlem, and a market hall in the Centre of the city. In Northern Hessen, the group of students visited Domäne Frankenhausen, the 320 ha organic farm of the University of Kassel-Witzenhausen. They were introduced to a long-term experiment that takes place at the 20ha research plots and got a tour to animal production community-based gardening at the farm. In Kassel, they got to know a community garden project that serves citizens of a neighborhood for food production and for socialization, also with regard to the integration of new citizens with migration background

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